TRV Flavors

Our TRV flavors are clean crisp and refreshingly sophisticated flavors.  Using only the best quality flavorings to help bring out subtle notes not muddled down with overbearing sweetners.  


Apple Wood Tobacco

Our smoked apple wood tobacco is exactly what it says (we are pretty big fans of that in our names) a rich creamy tobacco with hints of apple wood smoke, reminiscent of the Smokey Mountain cured tobaccos. 



Re-energize with a combination of tangy strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and hints of hibiscus.  Melded with a boost of Green Tea, our handcrafted Teaberre is a recharge that tastes nothing like your standard vape.


Almond Biscotti Cookie

The name says it all! It is an almond biscotti cookie. Mmmmm.



chai spice.jpg


Mango based tropical vape, with a hint of pineapple, and coconut to make it sweet, smooth, and balanced.

Blood Orange Spice Tobacco

One of our two Japanese flavors that is an Asian inspired twist on a U.S. staple. 

Cherry Blossom Mint Tea

The second of our two Japanese flavors this is a delicate balance of light aromatic flavor and cooling sweet refreshment.